Advantages of a flooring material which combines aesthetics and functionality to the utmost.

Original Clay Pavers are a natural product of fire, water, air and clay. The ceramic colours are bright and permanent. Because of the hight firing temperatures Original Clay Pavers are extremely robust(?) and have a long service life.

Material: High quality, domestic clay, fired to 1,100° C.
Colours: Natural ceramic colours, permanently colourfast and lightfast, no bleaching , high aesthetic effect
Options: Many colours ranging through black, anthracite, graphite and brown to yellow and red, many formats and surface textures offer the possibility to combine to your personal taste.
Weather resistance: Resistant to frost and heat swings
Surface: they are anti-slip and non-skid with a consistently even surface
Cleaning: low easy-care maintenance. Cleaning is performed solely by weathering: rain and sun provide the care
Life span: long-lasting; acid-resistent
Ecology: Environmentally sound clay extraction , pits recultivated after use, continual reduction of energy used, the joint system is water-permeable.
Material stability: very high and can be recycled and possesses unrestricted re-usablilty

Only the member companies of the Arbeitsgemeinschaft Pflasterklinker e.V, are allowed to carry the quality mark “Original Clay Pavers- Tested Quality!