Well-paved with sustainability

The ecological properties of Original Clay Pavers
Clay as the natural raw material
The Clay is usually excavated near the clay paver production centres., i.e. short, low-energy transport from mine to factory.
When the mining is finished the clay pits are carefully recultivated. Thus an ecologically compatible excavation of raw material is possible.

Energy saving production
Original Clay Pavers are fired at temperatures of over 1,100°C . The heat which occurs during the cooling process is pumped back into the production cycle to dry the pavers.

Chemical-free paving and care and maintenance
Since Original Clay Pavers are laid without any adhesive agent no residues can pollute the ground. Original Clay Pavers are cleaned solely by weathering: sun, rain and regular use provide the care. Occasional scattering of sand over the joints for stabilizing can sometimes be recommended.

Long service life and suitable for recycling
Original Clay Pavers are extremely hard, resistant and indefinitely durable. They may easily be relaid and survive for generations.

Water permeability to maintain soil moisture
Surfaces with Original Clay Pavers are fully water permeable. Laid in the usual way with a joint size of at least 3 mm the permeability is sufficient to cope with the usual precipitation in our latitudes. The precipitation sinks through the joint into permeable base layers or is diverted to the nearest grass. There is less demand on the sewer system than from tarmaced surfaces. Special formats are available to increase permeability.

Ecology-friendly packaging
The paver industry is a member of the returnable pallet pool and Interseroh. Pallets, plastic film and steel banding are returnable and professionally recycled.