Easy care and practical

Original Clay Pavers are an easy-care surface cladding. Cleaning is performed solely by weathering: rain and sun provide the care.

Where the natural cleaning via rain water is not possible e.g. in car ports or on fully roofed terraces you are advised to wash the cladding occasionally with plain water, or at most with water with the addition of vinegar-based cleaner. In the case of extremely heavy staining you may wish to use a high-pressure cleaner.

The surface of the Original Clay Pavers may get mossy in shady and damp areas. If you find the appearance disturbing, again cleaning with plain water will work. It is vital that Clay Pavers are never treated with chemical cleaners. Sometimes scattering more sand over the joints may be advisable to stabilize them.

Hints for the care of Original Clay Pavers are to be found under: > Technology/Recommendations for use