Quality marks for the highest quality standards and product safety




The quality mark “Original Clay Pavers- Tested Quality” guarantees:

Compliance with the highest requirement classes according to the European DIN EN 1344:
– Dimensional range: Class R1
– Transverse breaking load: Class T4
– Abrasion resistance: Class A3
– Freeze-thaw resistance: Class FP100
– Slip/skid resistance: Class U3

Clinker quality according to the new DIN 18503 with limitation of water absorption to max. 6% by mass and observance to the net dry density of av. 2.0 kg/dm³

Regular and independent quality supervision of product properties.

Only the member companies of the Arbeitsgemeinschaft Pfasterklinker e.V. who have passed the rigorous quality supervision are allowed to carry the quality mark “Original Clay Pavers- Tested Quality”. This sign guarantees highest quality and product safety. Private clients and town planners who are looking for quality and long service life, look for this mark.